How to grow your Instagram

It’s easier than you think

Gaining followers INTERESTED in your content on INSTAGRAM

Building a following on Instagram is hard. The obvious benefits for having a great Instagram base (for streamers) is being able to get people to not only check out your streaming content, but to also gain followers and spread awareness about your profile on your chosen platform. There is a lot to consider when using Instagram however, and building your following and not getting any engagement is a common hurdle that most people can’t really get over. Even if you do however, are you targeting the right audience?

In this guide we’re going to address the best and quickest ways that you will be able to, not only increase your following on Instagram, but also target the right demographic to properly target the correct audience suitable for your content.

Gaining new followers is the first step, but in the next guide, we will show you how to properly network your Instagram page – which will increase the engagement on your Instagram, that in return will result in better views on your Twitch, YouTube videos or Mixer profiles. Nice right?

In the course of this blog we will be mentioning the following key words; please use this guide if you get confused (We all get confused from time to time!)

Key words:

Target user – This is the user that you want to follow your account. For example, if you use our targeting methods and you find the user “Scalates” this is your target user.

Actions – This is an action you will take to attract the user to your account. For example, if you follow your target user that is called an action.

Follow per action – This just means how many accounts follow you per each action. For example, if you like 20 accounts photos which means 20 actions and because of those actions 10 accounts follow you, you have a 0.50% follow per action ratio.

We will be going over methods have helped us personally gain over two hundred thousand followers over fifty accounts while attracting over nine thousand people in our Discord Server, so we can personally tell you, they work like a charm.

The main objective of the methods used is to attract potential followers to your page. Results can vary; if your page is not optimised or has poor quality posts, your followers-to-following ratio will probably be quite low and a common cause of that problem is that you are not making it clear on what your page is about. This can affect the chances of the user being interested enough to follow you.

What you want is a good page. This means good, quality content that is optimised to your target users so that your time isn’t wasted trying to attract people to your page, just for them not to follow.

This may all be a bit overwhelming if you are worried that you don’t think your page is good enough – don’t worry!

After I’ve explained the methods, the pros and cons, we will then begin to explain how to find and target the specific audience that will like your content. We cannot express enough how important this is, as there is no point attracting a hardcore Call of Duty fan if your page is about Apex videos! This is without doubt the most valuable bit of information to building the foundations of a successful page.


One of the most popular methods is the like tool – Instagram’s simple, red heart. It’s the most used tool on the platform, which simply allows the user to like a post. This is our second favourite method of growing a following.


When you like your target users post, they will see they have received a like – which then makes them likely to visit your page, and if they are interested in your content, follow you.


– Does not increase your following count

– 10-15% Follow per like ratio (Every 10 posts you like you should receive 1-2 follows) This might be higher depending on your page and targeting.

– Not only might you receive a follow, you will notice an increase of engagement on your post, someone returning the like.


– If you spam likes, you may receive an action block – These are temporary and usually last an hour or two, if you receive one of these, just slow down the amount of actions you do, we recommend to do 20-40 likes the first day and increase it by 20 a day till you reach 120-200 likes a day.


The story viewing method has become more popular after Instagram initiated a harsher policy with their strict action blocks changes that they implemented in July.


The way to gain followers through this is by viewing your target users’ story. Voting on their poll / answering the quiz in the hope that they see who has viewed or reacted on their story, visit your profile and give you a follow.


– No action blocks on viewing stories

– Does not affect your follow count

– Increases engagement on your own profile


– The slowest method to gain followers

– People can be suspicious on how you found their profile


The comment method can be the best for engagement for your profile, it’s also a great way to organically grow to as when you leave a comment on someone’s post, other people will also see it.


Leave a comment on your target users post, always try to be positive and leave compliments and also try and be be specific to their content so that they know you are human and will give you a follow back.

This can be leaving a comment as Great win! On a victory royale or I love the black jumper! On a selfie post.


– They may return the comment on your post giving you a better engagement.

– You can network and make new friends.

– People really like compliments and boosts their self-esteem.


– It can be one sided, meaning people may not return the favour or follow.

– If you spam comments, you can be given an action block.


This is the best method to gain followers as when you follow someone it’s easy for someone to return the favour by clicking follow back.


Simply find your target and follow them, once they see that someone has followed them, they may return the favour.


– Highest follow per action ratio

– Users normally follow and then like some of your posts

– Quick and easy to follow your target user


– If they follow back, they might not engage with your content as they might not see your page

– Your follow count can be high if you don’t start unfollowing (We recommend to always stay under 1000-1500 following as Instagram will class your account as a Mass follower account after this amount and will not promote you organically)

– If you spam follows, you may receive an action block – These are temporary and usually last an hour or two, if you receive one of these, just slow down the amount of actions you do, again we recommend to do 20-40 follows the first day and increase it by 20 a day till you reach 120-200 follows a day.

Now that you know the pros and cons to actively increasing your audience, we will now tell you the best practices and tips to put those methods into action.

Most users and companies focus on one action. Follow, likes, story view or comments, but we highly suggest mixing it up due to Instagram’s recent blocks. We suggest to mainly focus on follow and likes as they do give the best follow per action ratio, but also do commenting and story viewing and see what gives the best results for your profile.

Here are our recommended mixed settings to avoid blocks; make sure you start off slow and build up. Maybe start by doing 20 of each action, build up by 20 a day each till you reach the recommended maximum actions.

Following – 150-200 a day.

Likes – 150-200 a day.

Comment – 25-50 a day.

Story Views – No min or max.

Now let’s get to the best part. How to target the right audience, and then how to use them – into practice.

Firstly, you must discover who your audience are, and who would be interested in your content. We do this by doing the following:

What do you normally post? If you’re an avid Apex fan, then your audience will be Apex fans. The same applies if you post Fortnite, Call of Duty or League of Legends videos, you want to target the people who will be interested in your content. So if you do post League of Legend videos, then you want league of legends fans.

This doesn’t have to be specific. The more specific you are, the better your results. If you post MMORPG content that isn’t the same game, then you will have to look at MMORPG general fans. Again, the same applies to any mixed content creators, mixed Xbox games, mixed battle royal games, you will need to target fans of that genre, rather than specific game fans. Think of it in this context, you wouldn’t advertise your call of duty page to a person whose page is just about cats because realistically they will not be interested in your content and will be a waste of an action and most importantly your time.

Once you have established what type of profile you have and what your audience will be, we will move on to how to target your audience using our recommended two ways of targeting people. Hashtags and Similar account followers; let me explain in more detail;


Hashtags similar to Twitter are a great feature Instagram uses for users to find and discover each other with the similar interest.

This a great tool to find people that are interested in the same things; If you use the hashtags #Apexclips You should see clips belonging to Apex.


For this method we will target similar accounts that are similar to yours, so if your page is for example an Apex legends clip page, you will find another Apex Legends clip page and target their following.

The reason why this is a great method is because you know their followers are interested in the Apex clips because they are already following an account similar to yours so they are likely to be also interested in your content.


Both methods are easy to use and to follow and for best results depends on your targeted audience, for game specific content I would suggest the hashtag method to work better and for genre or mixed related content, I would advise the Similar account following. Regardless of our recommendations, remember that consistency is key, it’s always good to test for yourself to see what works uniquely for your account with a trial and error approach, do not give up because you will find out what works great for your account.

Before we address how to use both methods, here is a few tips on targeting accounts to achieve best follow per action ratio.

The user has a profile photo.

The user is not following more than 1500-2000 people (We ideally do not want mass followers to follow you, as the more follows they have the less likely they are going to engage on your content due to the amount of followers post they see.

There followers/unfollow ratio is roughly the same.

You really want to try avoid users with a high follower but low following ratio because they most unlikely to follow your account back.

Try and avoid organic followers, if people have already followed your account, try not to follow them back as you will be wasting an action for other potential followers.

Try to target people with under 1500-2000 followers, because anything higher then this they might not see the notification that you have followed them.

That’s it for the tips, now we are going to explain how to use both methods and then what method is best for our type of profile.

#hashtag method

If you will like to use the hashtag method, simply search the hashtag on Instagram and then find content like yours then you can do the following options but remember, look at the recent post rather than top post, here you will find more valuable target users.

Once you have found a suitable post, we recommend two options: target and use an action on the person that does the post or target people who like the post. We recommend to use the action on the person that has posted as you know they share similar interest, however people like to target those who like the post, because they might be more engaging with your post and like watching, rather than playing.

Then once you have your target user, drop an action on them (follow/like/story view or comment)

Similar account method

This method can be great for those accounts that do not have a specific game to post or that their audience is quite unique and hard to grab, the best way we tackle this problem is by finding other accounts similar to yours and simply target their following.

There are a few ways you can find similar accounts like yours and one of them is by using Instagrams algorithm that does the work for you. You just have to go on Instagram and look at your recommended accounts to follow, these usually are like your account; simply look at their following and start to target.

You can also find similar accounts to yours by searching on hashtags or also by looking at your own followers, followings, because if they are interested in your content, they usually are interested in other account similar to yours.

Then once you have your target user, drop an action on them (follow/like/story view or comment)

And that’s it for this guide! Let’s go over a few things that you’ve hopefully learned reading;


WHAT ACTION METHODS TO DO – Like/Follow/comment/story view and their limits.


WHAT TARGETING METHODS TO USE – Hashtag/Similar account followers and how to use them.






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