Great Party Games

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Great Party Games

We all love a party. Becoming a responsible adult has meant the number of parties I attend has dramatically decreased. I tend to host my own, but these are more like gatherings where the main focus is to have fun instead of just drinking. Although, the drinking is pretty fun. Our idea of a good time consists of searching the various console stores to find great games we can all enjoy together, or just picking one out of my modest library. There is one that never fails to impress and we will get to that in a bit. Let me tell you about some of the best games I have come across to bust out at parties.

Super Mario Party

Of course, this was going to be on the list, “Party” is in the name! The entry I am referring to here is the latest for the Nintendo Switch, and whilst I understand there were a lot of people who were disappointed with this one, I have found it to be incredibly enjoyable. Aside from having a vendetta against Yoshi.

The idea of the game is to take it in turns to roll a dice specific to each character and make your way around the game board, in which there a four to choose from, in pursuit of coins and stars. Along the way, you are met with the challenges of bad luck squares, enemy items and environmental factors, such as an angry Blooper sending you back to the start for crossing a bridge. In between each round, a mini-game is randomly selected for all the players to take part in and test their skills against each other. I don’t mean to brag, but I usually win.

The tension never seems to get too high when playing this game. It feels like it has been designed in a way to allow people to have fun playing against each other without causing them to get angry and yell… unless you are playing against a computer-controlled Yoshi.

That’s You

This is the one. This is the life of the party. That’s You is a game that my friends and I will play many, many rounds of because it always seems fresh. Definitely one to pick up from the PlayStation store and is worth every penny. One of the best parts of this game is the fact that you only need one controller to get it up and running. Using the Play Link feature, each player uses their smartphone to interact with the game.

Everyone loves a pub quiz and That’s You provides all the fun of a pub quiz, except there are no wrong answers when you’re the one making them up. The game asks questions for you to answer however you like and would pick out one of the players to ask questions specific about them. I find the fact it never asks anything personal quite interesting and I feel that would stop anyone feeling singled out or like some sort of target.

Each player is given tokens called ‘Jokers’ which can be placed down when answering a question, but only when you have matched another player’s answer. You can imagine how frustrating it can be to put down a Joker, thinking you have it in the bag, only to find no one else has answered the question the same. It’s heartbreaking.

That’s You is a wonderful game to play with friends who share your type of humour and is a game you will keep coming back to with those friends. My friends and I play it almost every time we gather at my place. At no other time do I see so many poorly drawn phalluses.


Temperatures get high during this game and I’m not talking about the ovens. Overcooked is a game I have only played recently and it’s a shame I waited so long to play it because it’s so much fun to play with a friend or friends. I can only speak on the first game, but I am sure Overcooked 2 would be more Overcooked and you can’t go wrong with that.

The saying ‘too many chefs spoil the broth’ certainly applies here. One of the most frustrating things about this game is trying to get past each other. You do not move through one another and are constantly bumping into each other which is really impractical. The aim of this game is to prepare all of the food orders that come through at the top of the screen. Cooking the meals takes on the same steps as they would in the real world. Starting with picking out the correct ingredients, then chopping, adding to the pan or pot and letting it cook. Don’t let it burn! Once it’s cooked, you can plate it up and serve it to the customer. No plates? Better go wash up one you used previously. Although, one kind aspect of making the meals is the ability to add the ingredients in any order.

You may think that sounds stressful as it is but it does not stop there. The early stages start off innocent enough but you quickly realised things are not as they seem. Levels begin to change to really throw you off. For example, a pirate ship on the open sea bobbing up and down causing the worktops to move from side to side, cutting off access to the ingredients. You will then need to run all the way around the outside of the stage to get to the ingredients again. This can be devastating when trying to fulfil an order in time. There’s not much worse than getting a meal prepared just as the time runs out.

From this, you can see how this would be aggravating. It can get quite hard to bite your tongue and stop yourself yelling at your fellow players to chop you some damn onions! Still, the thrill of completing a stage and getting three stars is amazing.

Super Mario Party, That’s You and Overcooked are just three standout examples in a sea of amazing party games. There are others that come to mind I could have shared, but I need to save some to make a part two further down the line. I highly recommend the games I have mentioned here. Whether you want to shout at each other or laugh uncontrollably, these games give you everything and more. Video games are amazing tools that bring people together and have fun sharing different experiences. What else is more perfect for a party than that?



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