Before we get started, we at HOTKEY want to wish you all a happy New Year, and we hope you all enjoyed your holiday period!

2019. Another year for the HOTKEY brand to thrive and grow, and to help build a community with our clothing for all the gamers out there.

Our team has held many meetings within the past year (and the few days of this one) and really put our heads together – we addressed the current hurdles that we face(d) and we decided unfortunately we needed we needed to take a step back from pushing the brand for a few months to make sure we were ticking all the boxes, and that everything we did for 2019 was the best choice to help not only the brand grow, but the community too.

We developed a roadmap for ourselves, perfected over the course of those critical few months so we knew exactly what kind of activity we are going to bring to you over the course of 2019 – and believe me we have some great things in motion for not only the brand, but the community we have been around it. So, for those who were still sticking around for us in those uncertain times; we thank you whole heartedly.

Now, you’re probably wondering – what is the next step forward? Well we have decided to share with you a few steps of our roadmap so you can get an insight on what is next (and be as excited as we are!):

· New clothing designs:

We decided that (although we love our clothes as they are) we needed to up our designs significantly in order to meet our rapidly growing community. At no point did we expect our community would grow as fast as it has and because of that, we fell behind in building our content for you to love and enjoy. In the next few months, you will all see a huge amount of new and fresh designs hit the store – from simple but smart to wild and obvious, we plan to make sure there is an appeal for everyone, and a home for you all in at least a piece of our brand.

· Presence at events:

Another thing we have decided this year is how often you will see the brand at critical events. We are going to have a much bigger presence this year at all your favourite events in the UK and if you are lucky, you’ll be able to snag some free clothing off of us too! We don’t want anybody left in the dark about this community we are building for ourselves.

· HOTKEY Stream-Team:

For those of you who use the Discord regularly (and if you don’t, you should join us!) you have probably noticed the “HOTKEY Stream-Team”. This is something we conceived last year but, due to the sheer progress we were making in other areas, didn’t get enough love. However, in 2019 the Stream-Team is going to get all the love it deserves – with more and more members having the opportunity to join, we’re hoping that we can push your content and our community out there, better than ever!

That’s just a few things off our (very long) list for our plans this year. We have a lot of goals this year, and we hope we can reach every single one of them. The HOTKEY community is very important to us and so we plan to work twice as hard in order to make sure this year is not only great for HOTKEY, but a great year for the gaming community we’ve all helped shape and build. Some plans you’ll see kick into action in the next few months and some will be later in the year – but regardless, 2019 is looking to be a promising one!

Here’s to an amazing 2019 for you all! #Chooseyourplay